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Your old ATM card will expire on the 31st of March 2014. Get your new Nedbank VISA Debit Card in Branch now.

As an international bank that is a subsidiary of the Nedbank Group of South Africa, Nedbank Swaziland creates value through constant innovation and reinvestment. Nedbank gained its presence in Swaziland following Nedcor’s acquisition of Standard Chartered bank’s local majority shareholding in January 1997.
Corporate Social Investment


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Exchange rate of 2013.07.26

1.00  9.74
Currency rate today higher than yesterday 874.087 %

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Nedbank Personal Loans

Making Dreams Come True - Everyone has the ability to dream and a Nedbank personal loan has the ability to make your dreams come true.

HIV / AIDS Policy

Nedbank Swaziland has long recognised the seriousness of the HIV/AIDS pandemic and its impact on the workplace and the lives of employees.

News and Highlights

2012 Theme – Sesikhona

Nedbank Swaziland entered into the New Year in style by launching a new internal 2012 theme that will carry us throughout the year. The theme for 2012 is ‘Sesikhona’ which is follow up from the 2010 theme of ‘Siyakhula - likusasa letfu’.

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