The purpose of the Recognition Process is to acknowledge and motivate employees for their out standing performance and for emulating good behaviour that aligns to the Nedbank Values. In essence, we seek to encourage all staff members to live the bank values as our mission and vision are tangential to these values.

The participation of staff in this programme cultivates empowerment in that it is the staff members themselves that determine the winner by making nominations. The recognition process also encourages vigilance of positive behaviour amongst staff members, thus encouraging a positive atmosphere as the focus is on the positive done and not the negative, in the bank. It further promotes a high performance culture as one will know that high performance exhibited will be rewarded; which encourages outstanding delivery.

Formal Recognition Process

The aim of this programme is to recognize and appreciate those employees who incessantly show outstanding performance. Coordinators are nominated in each Nedbank branch. These coordinators see to it that nominations are made and the quarterly functions where the winner is selected are held. Once the nominations are made, the coordinators, with the assistance of a selected committee, hold a meeting during which they assess and scrutinize each of the nominations to select the top five or six citations that best reflect the Nedbank values. Those citations are then handed back to the staff members to select the top three citations. The winners are then selected according to the votes. For the nominees to graduate to the Tihlabani Awards, the coordinators then gather all the evidence of good behaviour about each nominee together with information known about each nominee's superior performance. They present this information to a committee that then selects the top 10 that will graduate and stand for the MD’s Award.

Formal Recognition levels

There are four recognition Award levels in this category namely:

  • Ingcwenga Awards (At branch level)
  • Tihlabani Awards
  • MD's Award
  • Nedcor Top Achiever Award
  • Informal Recognition

It is built upon frequent positive reinforcement of sincere appreciation for a job well done.  It can truly accomplish what a monetary compensation can not.


This takes place on specific periods e.g. monthly or bi- monthly

As a Human Resources Department, with these initiatives, we seek to make a positive difference by reinforcing positive behaviour in the work environment. We value the human resource because we believe that it is the most important resource in the service industry that we operate in. the fruition of our strategy, mission and vision is in the hands of our people.