Internet Banking

Vehicle Finance

Nedbank will ensure that you enjoy the process of purchasing a vehicle and get you behind the wheel with maximum speed and efficiency in 48 hours

  • Monthly payments by Debit Order payment
  • Management fee of 1% (min E 100)
  • New Vehicles: paid up to a maximum period of up to 60 months
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Premier Loan

Assistance for your major financial commitments

  • Offers the highest loan amounts
  • Loan amounts from E15,001 to E100 000
  • Flexible repayment term
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Personal Loan

Make your dream wedding happen, pay school fees, or finance unexpected purchases or payments with a Personal Loan.

  • Easy access to finance 
  • 36 months to repay your loan
  • Interest charges are linked to Prime
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Micro Loan

Borrow money from the bank without the need for collateral.

  • No collateral is required
  • Interest rates are linked to Prime
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Lusiba Educational Assistance Programme

Give yourself the opportunity to study at a recognised educational institution.

  • A Loan amount of E1,000 – E50,000 to cover fees such as tuition and books
  • Repayment period of 12 months
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Home Loan

Nedbank offers a range of flexible home loan solutions designed to help you buy the home you have always dreamed about.

  • Help to buy an established residential property or vacant plot for development
  • Finance your construction or renovations
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